My name is Danielle and I am passionate about creativity and innovation.

My current main job, other than as mum to 2 gorgeous kids,  is teaching Specialist Music to children from 5-13. Throughout my 21 year career, though, I have taught all ages. It hasn’t been an easy ride – teaching is not one of those careers – but I have definitely had many highlights.

This blog first started in 2017 from a I need I had felt for a long time to write and share with other people. I wanted to rediscover my “spark” for music. I wanted to discuss teaching and how we can survive this profession. I wanted to improve my life and be a happier and calmer “me”.

What I didn’t expect from my blogging was that I would find the true crux of my lost “spark” – and that was this feeling that MY creative skills and talents were being limited by the intense work load and poor working environment. Things had to change. I discovered I was at a turning point.

Fast forward to today and I have found my tribe and am working in an amazing role. I am being supported and encouraged to explore and share my talents – musically and in innovative teaching practices. My spark has been reignited!

The world needs us CREATIVES to help “unlock” the potential of young and old alike. Business and education are realising the need for creative thought to inspire and discover innovative solutions.

I really look forward sharing this journey with you. To sharing my insights into creativity and innovation.

My aim is to help people develop new ways to work, teach and learn through thought-provoking, engaging and practical blog posts, workshops and resources designed to reignite creativity and stimulate new ideas and original thoughts.

Happy creating.

Danielle x

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your work girlfriend.!

    I too have lost my spark since the Choral Horror at Littlehampton. How might we help each other find our musical mojo….

    Lets think about 10 time poor ways to increase the musicality of your day.

    Number One – Sing while sorting the mail.


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