Music and Sustainability – Trashbeatz – TEDx

I love TEDx as a resource for my classroom. The wealth of creativity, innovation and knowledge that is shared is huge and a valuable resource for eductaors.

One of my favourite units to do with my upper primary students is all about Found Sounds and creating music using ‘found sounds’. My initial inspiration from the amazing STOMP! group. But I was looking for something additional to show my students. There are lots of people who have made amazing found sound arrangements, compositions and videos but when I found Trashbeatz I knew this was a valuable resource to use.

Why? I love their story and their strong sense of not only making music but making a difference in the world. Their slogan is ‘Recycling is the future’. They run workshops where they teach people how to take rubbish and turn it into an instrument and then create music with it.

I know you and your students will love this video as much as I do. There is an active watching worksheet to go with the video to help focus the students while they watch.

The TEDx Trashbeatz talk can be found HERE.

Watch this space for further ‘Found Sound’ resources and activities for you and your students to explore.

Happy music making!

Danielle x

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