Note Value Pizza

Who doesn’t love a good pizza?

Who finds it hard to get across the concepts of note values and how they all fit together to learners?

Who needs a fun, hands-on, visual activity that everyone will love?

Have I got something for you!

Simply print the sheets below (I print as A3). Get the students to add their favourite pizza sauce (colour in the base) and then add the notes value toppings.

Explain that their pizza is showing all the note values that add up to 4 beats! So it can fit a semibreve (whole note) tomato. It can fit 2 minim (half note) capsicum slices. It can fit 4 crotchet (quarter note) salami pieces. And it can fit 8 quaver (eighth note) pieces of cheese!

Students cut out the toppings and stick them on to the pizza! Yum!

This is just a different way to explore and reinforce note values.

And for a fun pizza song, check out ‘You’re Pizzas Are Ready’ by Australian musician Greg Champion HERE!

Happy pizza fun!

Danielle x

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