I’m a Pinterest Addict

It’s true. I absolutely love Pinterest for everything from teacher stuff to party planning to recipe ideas and all sorts in between.

If you have no idea about Pinterest and how to get started, keep reading. I’ll talk you through the basics.

If you are already a Pinterest fan like me, skip down and check out some of my favourite pins in the second half of this post.

The WHAT and HOW of Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and search engine. You can search all sorts of things (I have even got my husband hooked to Pinterest for his Mini obsession). When you find something you like or want to save to look at later, you “pin it” to a board.

You can create all sorts of boards to help sort your finds. Know that your boards are all visible and friends might even get notifications of the boards you create UNLESS you make the boards “SECRET”.

**To make a board secret, select the SECRET icon when you are creating your board. You can change this setting at a later date.

pinterest board 1


pinterest board 2

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having “Secret” boards, if for nothing else than saving your Facebook friends or contacts from getting random notifications of your latest Paleo healthy smoothie recipe or classroom storage ideas.

Once you are all set, start searching and pinning. To “pin”, just tap the red PIN icon on a search item, select what board you want it on, and it will all be saved for you.

pin it


choose board

Pinterest is great at giving you suggestions and helping you discover lots of goodies from all over the net.

If you’d like to see what things I have pinned, check out my Pinterest page: The Music Spark on Pinterest.

Some great resources I have discovered on Pinterest

I wanted to share with you some great resources that I have found on Pinterest. You can find these and more via my Pinterest page.

Music Teaching Resources

Teaching is the main reason for me being on Pinterest, whether it be looking up ideas for the Music Room, bulletin board ideas, games, worksheets, etc. Or whether for other things school related – I found great ideas to support staff at school with ideas for our Art Show this year.

I loved this idea of each child making a music note. I did a version of this a few years ago and all of my 470 students made a little music note with their name on it. It looked absolutely fantastic!

You can find amazing resources like these Music Center ideas. The pin takes you to Teachers Pay Teachers (another site I’m slightly addicted too!). I have used a number of the resources from this bundle in my general teaching as well as in my Music Centers (I promise to write a blog about these in the future).

Great video resources! I have used this song from Year 3 up to adults! It is a great icebreaker and lots of fun (especially when the boys and girls don’t want to touch hands!). A wonderful way to get everyone singing and up moving.

These printable self-evaluations are fantastic! They are a great way for students to reflect after a performance and an easy assessment tool. Great for differentiation in the classroom too.

Resources for My Kids at Home – General Education Resources

I like pinning ideas to use with my own children at home. Sometimes they might need some help with reading or writing or I just need inspiration of fun things to do.

This was a real winner in our house! Each bedroom had a post box on its door and we used to get lots and lots of letters! I think we need to do this again – might be different now they can both write!

I had lots of little activity bags made up for when we were out and about and the kids needed to be entertained, or just for fun at home. They were lots of fun. A bit of work putting them together, but definitely worth it.

I have pinned this but haven’t used it yet. My son is a lego-aholic and I thought these would be a great challenge for him!

And lots of other wonderful bits and pieces!

Pinterest really is a fantastic resource for everyone.

Happy pinning!

Danielle x

PS – Mr Music Spark has been busy pinning too! Here is one of his!

Special mention to the people who’s ideas I’d pinned and shared with you today:

Each of Us Is A Single Note: www.musicalmusingsandcreativethoughts.blogspot.com.au

Music Workstations Mega BundleTracy King – Bulletin Board Lady (I absolutely love this woman! She has amazing resources and ideas and a lovely sense of humour!)

Music Performance Self-EvaluationRhythm and Bloom with Cori Bloom (Facebook page)

Post Office PlayPicklebums (she has heaps of amazing resources!)

Portable Activity Kit for Little TravellersMama Papa Bubba

Ocean LegoFrugal Fun for Boys and Girls

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