“Showbie” How-To Guide: Part 1

Ok everyone. This is a techie teacher blog post! (A bit different from my usual musings)

I am not particularly tech-savvy, but since my students have 1 to 1 iPads from Yr 3-7, I have invested a lot of time in discovering resources that can improve my teaching and engagement with the help of technology.

“Showbie” is an app that has been amazing! It is super user friendly and the kids love it! It has cut down on the amount of photocopying I do and also the amount of marking I have to lug home with me – because everything is in digital form.

Showbie is an app used by teachers to assign, collect, and review student work. Showbie keeps student work organized by classes and assignments. At a glance, students can see their upcoming assignments and due dates so they can prioritize their work.

Definition from “Showbie Support”

This app has also increased student engagement in my class. My favourite example is of a Year 5 boy who is your typical “Too Cool For School” kid. Always had heaps of attitude and would barely say 2 words to me. When I introduced Showbie, I was suddenly getting messages from this student – telling me about himself, a photo of his baby sister who he loves so much, questions about what we’re learning, suggestions for what we could learn in the future. He now enters my class with a smile and is much more engaged and participates more positively. Something so simple – him being able to connect with me in a way that didn’t affect his “image” in class.

“Showbie” is web-based and you can access it via desktop or other devices (ie iPads). This makes it a great program for those who’s students may not have their own device as students can log in to their own account from a shared device (if you have a class set of devices you can use).

I have created a “How-To Guide: Part 1” to help you get started and your classes set-up. It is print-friendly so you can print a copy and easily follow the steps.

Download your “Showbie” How To Guide: Part 1 HERE

Showbie Guide Cover

(Keep your eyes out for Part 2 where I will walk you through importing files from GarageBand and BookCreator into Showbie. FOLLOW ME to make sure you don’t miss it!)

Happy tech-teaching!

Danielle x

PS – If you love this resource and want to share it with your teacher BFFs, please send them the link to my blog where they can print their own copy. Thanks 🙂

PPS – If you love this resource, write me a comment and let me know!

(This is not sponsored at all by Showbie – it is my own opinion and information.)


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