Inspiration, Engagement and the Great Disconnect

Candy Crush.

It’s totally addictive! I quit the game years ago, but now I’m back!

I know all the tricks – how to get lives when you have run out, trick ways to get extra “boosters”. I can’t help myself and it is SO distracting and time wasting – and ADDICTIVE!

I feel like a pokie addict who just needs to play ‘one more game’ – one more before I do the dishes, one more before I have a shower, one more before bed. And my daughter loves the game too! Oh no.

And the scary thing is – I am 100% aware of what’s happening.

Last night, as I lay wide awake at 2am, I realised that what was happening was I obviously need an outlet. Something to get away from stress and busy-ness and something for me. Time for me. And while I should go for a walk, play some music, have a nap – I am choosing a computer game.

I need to refocus. My mind is crying out for creativity. My body is looking for an outlet. And when we deny our creativity, it takes a toll – both physically and mentally. And I am suffering both – addicted to an app, not being able to sleep.

What do you do when you need to readjust? When you feel the need to create is being suppressed?

What has been trans-formative for me is now I can see these triggers – I can see when there is a disconnect from my creativity. I can give myself a stiff talking to and turn things around.

So, watch out knitting needles – because I am coming for you! And why not? I love knitting and with the cold weather setting in in Australia, it’s an obvious solution! Even if it is as simple as knitting a scarf or squares for a blanket – just something to engage with my creativity and allow that spirit to flow, calming my mind and body. De-stressing and bringing peace and quiet to my mind.

What’s your creative outlet? Do you disappear into the kitchen and cook up a storm? Do you start rearranging the furniture? Do you go out the shed and tinker – taking something apart and putting it back together, or inventing something totally new?

Whatever your outlet, I urge you to find something that inspires and engages you, not something that disconnects and depletes you.

The world is full of distractions and things that sap our creativity. Let’s rediscover what brings us joy and is unique and special.

But most importantly, let us be role models for our children and inspire in them the search for what defines and fulfills them. May we show them how to engage with their imagination and explore their creative spirit. In doing this we are going to be setting them up with the skills they need to follow their dreams and have the courage to find their own path in the world. They will grow into the creators and innovators of the future and will go far.

And if that is not reason enough for you and me to delete Candy Crush from our phones, then I don’t know what is.

Happy reconnecting.

Danielle x




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