Where Does The Time Go?

Expert on Podcast: “I get up at 5am, while the house is still quiet, and I have a green smoothie and my chai latte. Next, I write in my dream journal and then the spend half an hour doing meditation and yoga. I find it really sets me up for the day.”

Me: “Babe (aka Mr Music Spark), what time is it? What the? Already? Get up. Kids? Kids? Get up – we’re running late! No, you can’t have 2 min noodles for breakfast! 2 scoops of milo is enough! Get dressed! If I have to ask you again to clean your teeth and put your shoes on…!” Run out the door – get in the car – “MY COFFEE!!” Race inside and grab my coffee…

And we’re off…

Not very relaxing, but that’s how it is. And I’m not complaining. Some people have the “ZEN” thing down pat, but most of us don’t – and that’s ok.

When I was 12, I used to lead the local kids from our street on bikes to school in the mornings. I would inevitably be late because I had to have my hair right, headphones carefully in place under my stack hat, and Walkman at the ready. And I remember one of the mum’s from down the road yelling at me as I happily rode by, humming along to John Farnham – “You are always late!”.

Makes me laugh thinking about it.

But who cares? I was happy. I was ‘taking the pressure down’. And I was saving her from having to drive her own kids to school. I wasn’t going to let being a few minutes late upset my mood.

As a mum though, when everyone is dragging the chain, it does drive me a bit crazy.

I try very hard to be super organised the night before and have things ready to go. To help make more time in the mornings.

Make more time.

It’s a funny phrase, isn’t it?

We can’t really make more time but we can choose how we spend our time – the battles we have and how we want to feel.

Over the weekend, I was stuck behind the computer screen marking and writing reports, unit planning and getting prepared for my “Professional Teacher Meeting” (once called a Staff Appraisal). Add to the mix, the constant trolling of job sites to find the magic position to whisk me away to my dream career – you know the one? Amazing pay, perfect conditions, rewarding, fulfilling, creative… ah…

Anyway, after loosing nearly 2 days, I ‘made time’ to go with my family to Morialta Conservation Park and spend time at the Adventure Playground.

Wow – so much fun! I even went down a fireman pole!

It was the best afternoon and made me reconnect and recharge. I felt the love of my family as we climbed and laughed and ran around exploring.

The time didn’t pass faster or slower. There wasn’t more of it or less.

It was just time well spent.

And that’s the best kind of time I could ever ask for.

Danielle x

PS. Can’t go past leaving you with a bit of John Farnham action (How’s his hair?)!

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